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How To Quickly And Safely Put Gold In Your IRA


Welcome to where we will provide the latest information that you need to consider when deciding if converting your IRA to Gold is right and the safest company to use  based on our extensive research. We aren’t experts but avid followers of financial information and buyers of Gold – just like you.


Why Are You Here and What Do You Want Your Retirement To Look Like?


When we speak to people looking to convert an IRA (part or all),  the most common reasons tend to be:


  • You are approaching or passed a stage in life where achievement as one of the main drivers in life, has changed to more awareness of the values of quality of life and a maybe a desire for caring and providing for your grandchildren
  • You have genuine concern about the ongoing devaluation of the dollar
  • You have a  genuine concern about the unrest in the US Economy and the impact that can have on the stability and valuation on your IRA
  • You have a  genuine concern about the stockpiling of precious metals by India and China and the impact that may have on being able to cost effectively add Gold into an IRA in the long term
  • You have a desire for diversification of your  overall IRA portfolio with a view to  investigating whether putting 1/3rd or more of your  IRA into Gold is the right choice


First off you should make sure you consult with all the relevant experts in this field. We do our research but we aren’t trained specialist. There is some great information available from the IRS here, the Wikipedia link ( be careful as anyone can write here so it isn’t always reliable. Judge the source!). You are reading this in an ‘online’ environment but out STRONGEST recommendation is to get back to the basics and take a  human centric approach.

What do we mean – well, pick up the phone,  ‘cut to the chase’, and get in touch with the experts that we recommend in this field.

Give them a call On : 1-888-745-7335  they are called Regal Assets so you know who is going to answer the phone. I’ve used John, but anyone of they guys over there will help.


There is absolutely nothing better and quicker than finding the right answers than speaking to people the old fashioned way – by telephone! Besides, you can check them out too.



Give them a call On : 1-888-745-7335

And if you’d like some great background information on why this might be a great choice right now then watch this short video:




The Reasons Why We  Recommend Regal Assets:



It’s easy to give the standard lists of reasons such as Better Business Bureau ratings and accreditations but these weren’t what struck us as the real strengths of Regal Assets. They excelled and made us comfortable with an approach that resonated with us that may well be what you are looking at:


  • We felt that at all stages of discussion they treated us as Intelligent Individuals and not as ‘prospects’ which is important for us – Do you value this too?
  • They took some quite complex information and simplified us for us. However, at all stages we still felt like we were in control of our decisions and we were ‘calling the shots’. That really pleased us!
  • They never told us what to do but instead provided unbiased advice and guided us through a series of choices and options to the point where the results really did seem to ‘make sense!’
  • I guess this may seem strange but we felt really comfortable with the people on the phone and that helped us listen to their questions and advice without feeling that they were out for their own best interests. I don’t know about you but our motto is “People first – product second!”


So if you’d like to speak to the company we recommend then give them a call on 1-888-745-7335  or click here to claim a free investing pack



The Big How To…

It is one thing to make a decision that gold is the way to go for all or part of your retirement account but it is it is another thing to know how to do it!  Some of the common questions we get from people finding our site from Google are:

  • Should I convert?
  • Can I change?
  • How To Open A Gold IRA?
  • How do I convert? 


And we are going to focus on the question of how do you convert your IRA to Gold

Firstly, you should be aware that it isn’t that diifcult a process.  Thankfully, the system is set up to accommodate these types of  investments albeit with safety nets to help ensure that you are doing the right thing. Here’s what you need to know:


The Basics of Individual Retirement Accounts:

In a nutshell, an IRA is, as the name implies, a retirement savings account that is equipped with tax breaks and other advantages. It is designed to encourage employees to save up today for their expenses once they retire. The simplest way to put it is that it works much like Medicare, except that Medicare is solely exclusive to medical expenses.


While there are multiple types of IRAs, each with its own set of governing policies, the bottom line is that employees put in contributions of up to $5,000 per year in preparation for their retirement. The contributions, according to existing limitations, can only be accomplished with cash or its equivalent. The accumulated fund can then be used to make subsequent investments within the framework of the IRA and to be solely executed by the custodian or fund manager.


In many basic IRA set-ups, the IRA owner is limited to putting the money in securities and imposes strong restrictions on other types of investments. For example, many IRAs are not capable of being invested into real estate, life insurance and the likes. Thus, if an owner would want to invest in gold as the primary option for that specific IRA, the need arises for that owner to convert IRA to gold IRA in order to not lose its status and benefits particularly those pertaining to tax breaks.

A very simplistic (sometimes that’s good!) overview is here:




Converting to Gold IRAs

If your existing Account does not offer investments in tangible, physical gold assets you will probably need to create a new IRA that is duly compliant with federal regulations on gold IRAs. Unfortunately, not all companies that manage IRAs are equipped to invest in gold assets, thus you might need to be more picky and diligent in looking for companies that specialize in gold investments. After lots of research we recommend this company – click here to see if you can convert. Or call 1-888-745-7335 and ask to speak to John.


Based on federal regulations, tangible gold assets are only limited to bullion gold bars or American Gold Eagles. After you change your fund to gold, you will need to decide which of these two would you want to invest your money into. For the most part, the growth potential of both investment options are roughly the same but bars are significantly more expensive and require a little more upfront capital invested into the fund.

A different approach is to choose American Gold Eagles. The $1 coin weighs about an ounce and sells for about $1,600 or close to the spot price of the gold at the time of the transaction. As for the other denominations, American Gold Eagles are also available in ½, ¼ and 1/10 ounce coins so smaller investments can be made although mostly companies look at a $5 – $10 thousand dollar minimum to make their management of the switch worthwhile to all partied concerned.


Obviously it is a little more complex than that but we never recommend people try to figure it all out on their own and the information here, while good, is not from a professional. We always recommend seeking professional advice. As this ABC article shows there are some less than scrupulous companies out there.  Our highest recommendation can be found here:  click here to see if you can convert. Or call 1-888-745-7335 and ask to speak to John



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Alternatives To Precious Metals

If you have an existing investment retirement account and you want to assess the best opportunities available to grow your portfolio, now maybe the  time to consider investing  your  IRA in precious metals. With so much going on with other investment options coupled with the relative attractiveness of gold as an investment, there is no denying that investing an IRA in gold  presents one of the best opportunities to capitalize on a thriving market. Some more expert advice can be found here at investopedia


precious metals investing


Let’s  assess the alternatives that are currently available in this slowly growing economic climate:


  • Stocks As An Investment:  Out of the many investment alternatives available, stocks perhaps mirror the profitability of gold IRAs. However, the post-recession environment isn’t really the best time to trust stock investments. Outside of the proven stock units like those of Apple, and perhaps Facebook,  there are very few stock units that can be considered reliable. Even former blue chippers like AIG and Freddie Mac fell in the face of the 2008 recession and the  majority of those that crashed with the market have yet to recover. This only serves to reinforce the idea that stocks, as of today, are not yet viable options.  Particularly for something as sensitive as investment retirement accounts. If you are new to investing in stocks then this is a basic guide from Nasdaq – here


  • Bonds: . The best thing about bonds is that the tenure naturally assures you of a profit provided that the offering company does not crash. However, the flip side to this is that the growth rate of bonds is amongst the most conservative in the market. Rarely do you see bonds break double digits and a 7% growth for a 15-year bond offering is commonplace. If  you can afford to park your money for this long and for a small but relatively risk free return then this may be an option. Some basic bond investing information can be found here


  • Funds: Mutual funds lie somewhere in the middle of stocks and bonds in terms of both risks and rewards. Funds are neither too aggressive nor too conservatives which gives them considerable edge over competing investment options. However, the strength of mutual funds also serves to reinforce its weaknesses, namely that it can never post the same aggressive income as stocks could in a strong economy.  Some basic fund investment information can be found here


As as side note, this just reminded me to make sure you were  aware of this resource that Warren Buffet cites as one of the greatest influences on his life. It ,mat be a little bit off topic for this but It is a great background and education on overall financial management and mindset.


So, back on to the subject at hand….


Surveying the landscape essentially reveals that there are no major opportunities which lend itself to profitability. This is where the chance to transfer your IRA to gold comes in. Consider how they  can serve to negate some of the disadvantages associated with retirement accounts  investment in stocks, bonds and funds.


  • Changing your IRA to precious metals opens up the market for actual investments in gold, whether in ETF or physical . Without being overly optimistic on how gold can help you meet the goals of your investment, remember gold  managed to grow 300% in the midst of the recession years. During the same period, no other investment can claim as much growth. Silver came close at 150% but even that fails in comparison to what gold has done as a solid investment option.


  • The liquidity inherent to gold investments carries itself well to gold backed  IRA. You can place your IRA in gold without having to worry about losing any investment flexibility. They can be sold and liquidated, easily.


  • IRAs are some of the best investments available owing to their tax considerations. In many cases, money invested in the form of IRA remains tax free and even profit from these investments remain relatively untouched.


Now is the perfect time to consider seeking professional advice on placing some of your retirement IRA in precious metals. You can do that easily by clicking here and getting in touch with our most recommended company – click here


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